Thursday, December 15, 2011

Birdy's are expanding! Here is a selections of photos of some of the new (and older) designs.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Birdy Stuff on MADE IT

So Birds are great, and I’m into anything with Birds attached.  My husband is a twitcher (for fun people!) so we have both developed a love of watching and spotting beautiful birds on all our trips.  So when I found some super great stuff on Made It that was Birdy Related, I thought, I got to let my Birdy people know about it… some very talented hard working people have got this stuff up for sale so if you get a chance get into it and have a look….

Moon Owl- $11.50 by “A Bit Busy!”

This is a sweet little paper collage of an owl in the moonlight made from quality materials in a white frame with glass. It measures approx.  16cm x 21cm and has fittings for both wall-hanging and standing

Sweet Mod Bird Necklace - Sterling Silver Chain- $22.00 by “Oh Deer!”

(My fav artist on MADE IT!)

Gorgeous matt silver plated mod bird, hangs on a 16 inch sterling silver chain.  So Sweet, So Lovely, So Cool!

Love Birds Hair Clips- $14.00- by ‘little shop of’

Sweet hair clip duo on silver tone thick style bobby pin with strong hold.

Clutch purse with red bird on a wire- $45.00- by “Plenty ‘a’ Pockets”

This beautiful clutch purse in soft linen shows off a gorgeous red bird on a thin black wire. This clutch is so fresh and funky for all season of the year and it is handmade.
The internal fabric is coordinating fabric with a variety of coloured birds to match the front which is made of 100% cotton. This fun and funky fabric on the inside will give you a lovely surprise every time you open your clutch.
The clutch has a shiny metal frame in silver that closes securely with a kiss clasp.
The clutch is the perfect size to carry all your essentials for a night out - phone, makeup, credit cards, and keys. It fits easily in your hand so you can be stylish and comfortable all night! It has padding inside the fabric layers so that it keeps its shape.

Whimsical Gold Birds Nest Ring Genuine Turquoise- $15.00- by “Kikiburra Beads”

Couldn’t go past this gem!  How brilliant is this idea?  Love it!


Friends, to tell you the truth this is so many wonderful things on this site and many others that I think I’ll have to do another post just on cool Bird related stuff… why not hey.

Cheers X

Monday, August 16, 2010

Birdys Been quiet but now they’re back…

It’s been an intense few weeks, and we’ve had to go underground to deal with life and her spoils, but as the title indicates we are back on top of things and raring to go.



Never the less!  Birds and art and craft have been on our minds!  We are in what feels like the depths of a Victorian winter, the likes of which we haven’t seen in 10 years.  Even the sea gulls have been pretty pissed off with this rain and cold

Rug up and hunker down guys!



DSC00588 But as far a Brooches go we have been busy…

New colour combinations are shown here (still within the Red, Beige and Black leather) and the sparkly gems for eyes!

Watch this space as we are looking to expand the four designs to incorporate more bird silhouettes, maybe even those poor cold little guys shown above could get in on the action…

Earrings, as discussed in the last post are being worked on as we speak and there are some really interesting outcomes to been seen soon.

If you like birds and art and you think there is something else we could incorporate into our little birdy world please post a reply.  I am personally more than happy to have a chat with anyone and would really love to hear from you.

Best to all

X Birdy!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Do you remember your nan's house? Lots of brown shag pile carpet, with trinkets on every shelf. I remember the constant smell of food too. A great place, but one thing that sticks in my mind is the ceramic wall ducks!

Image from "Antiques Plus"

This retro 'fad' which was once the height of 'dag' is back. Birds are cool, they always have been, but they're now cool in a design sense and we're embracing them at the speed of knots. For me, one of the COOLEST bird images is the wall ducks. I was fascinated as a child looking at the 3D wall art, which looked as though they were flying out of the wall, due to the flush side nestled against the flat wall. You could have the big Duck leading the pack or the small duck up high at the front, the combinations of the three (small, medium & large in every set of three) we're endless. Although the common look was small-bottom left, medium-middle, large-upper right. This was interactive art in every house wives home...( i do hate the term 'house-wife' but it does pertain to this period of time in a "kitchly" appropriate way).

A new take on the old ceramic ducks are the wall stickers, which are very Vogue at the moment. Most groovy bars are sticking black silhouettes of enormous chandeliers on their walls. This image shows just how cool you can make this old idea. Shiny vinyl flying ducks above my couch? Yes Please!

Flying Duck Wall Stickers- Image from "thisnext"

So this has been some of the inspiration for the Birdy Brooches Duck's. Wear one, two or all three in the three different colours to change it up...

The Duck design is going to get an improvement with the addition of a gem eye, and I'm thinking of taking the design to necklaces and earrings...still working through the technical aspects of this, but I'm confident we can make something new and great with this concept.

In the meantime, get to Made It and check out ALL the mad handmade stuff, including the Birdy Brooch range and watch this space for more...



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Swing Tags are IN!

Just a quick update to let you know that the new swing tags are in and up and running. These have been printed by MOO uk, and if you don't know about this super great webite, get into it now!
They are a wicked 350gsm, satin finish, full colour
back & front, & are only about 1 x 3 inches. So cute & so worth getting into it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Birdy's

The birdy brooches are slowly getting up & running. Today I recieved the new gems in black, clear & green for the birdy eyes, and I must say, I haven't been this excited about the post man since my birthday in 1987! I was living in England at the time and I was promised that postman Pat would be devlievering a package from Gran & Grandy in Australia.
So now new photos are up & out and a few new designs are avaible for sale on Made It. Please stop by and have a look.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My concept for Birdy Brooches

Welcome to my little Birdy Brooch blog store. I love nature and I love creating lovely little designs that you can take everywhere on your jacket to remind you of how beautiful the everyday things are. I wouldn't usually use leather as a material, as I am a committed vegetarian and strongly support animal rights. However, I came across a stack of 'left over' leather, which was on its way to the tip and I couldn't stand that an animal had given its life for something that was to be thrown out! So I held onto these off cuts determind that this precious material would not go to waste, and after a year or so I came up with the idea of the bird. The bird is a beautiful free animal that can soar above the sky. I loved the idea of creating an image of freedom from a saved material. It stems from the Buddist idea that nothing is to be wasted in vain, and although I'm no expert on this beautiful relgion/way of life, I do love the teachings.
I will, over the next few weeks, start to make these brooches in felt and reclaimed fabrics, and I'd also like to make greeting cards from the four birdy designs. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to look in on my Birdy Blog.
If you would like to buy a Birdy Brooch, please go to the above link for the "Made It" website. There are lots of beautiful things at Made It so enjoy your time there!
X Claretk